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Tesla Model S 75D - New Car Protection Feynlab Ceramic

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

This Tesla Model S 75D in midnight blue was left with me to have a Feynlab Ceramic New Car Protection Package with upgrade; wheels off, backs of wheels and calipers ceramic coated.

Duration: 3 Days

Paintwork Coating: Feynlab Ceramic & Feynlab Ceramic Lite

Durability: 3 Years

Firstly I jacked up each corner individually; wheels were removed and faces and barrels were cleaned with KKD Brake Away followed by KKD Ferrum (Iron fallout remover) and finally KKD Tar-tastic (tar remover).

While the wheels were off the arches and calipers were cleaned with KKD Citrus Magic and agitated with a detailing brush.

Wheels temporarily put back ready for the wash and decontamination stages. The lower half of the car and shuts were pre-sprayed with KKD Citrus Magic. This was rinsed away and the car was snow foamed with KKD Citrus Magic, this was left to dwell for around 10 minutes before being rinsed. I snow foamed again this time using Feynlab Pure Wash and washed the car using the usual 2 bucket method, after rinsing off I then sprayed the body work with KKD Iron Rain (fallout remover).

After leaving this to dwell for about 10 minutes this was rinsed off and KKD Tar-tastic was sprayed onto the lower half of the car, this was left for around 20 minutes to do its thing and rinsed away. The car was washed again but this time with Feynlab Wash, final rinse and the car was dried using microfiber drying towels. I moved the car into the workshop and began the final stage of the decontamination process, I used Bilt Hamber auto-clay with Feynlab Prime as lubricant.

All the trims were blown out with warm filtered air to remove any access water and I could now machine polish the cars paintwork.

For the first stage I used KKD Storm red pad with Feynlab Medium cutting polish and then refined with KKD Storm black pad with Koch Chemie M2.01.

The car was raised on the scissor jack and wheels once again removed. Wheels, calipers and bodywork were wiped down with U-Pol slow degreaser ready for the ceramic coatings. Wheels including barrels and calipers were coated with KKD R-evolve.

Wheels put back on and car back on the floor, I installed Feynlab Ceramic to the paintwork. This needs to be left at least an hour before I can put a top coat of Feynlab Ceramic Lite, during this time I coated the head and tail lights with Feynlab Plastic and the windscreen with Gtechniq G1. Side and rear windows were coated with KKD Hydroglass coating. Over an hour had passed and on with Feynlab Ceramic Lite, this was applied to all the paintwork, chrome trims and glass roof.

I left the car overnight and IR (Infra Red) cured each panel at approximately 60 degrees for 15 minutes the following morning.

The interior was vacuumed and dashboard wiped over, interior glass was cleaned with KKD Krystal Klear. A final check over and the car was ready for collection.

Thanks for reading :-)

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