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New Car Protection with Feynlab Ceramic Plus from £995




Give your car the best start with a 'Calverts New Car Protection Package'. After fully preparing the car with full decontamination process and machine polish only then will I apply your ceramic coating. 

FEYNLAB™ CERAMIC PLUS is the perfect marriage between our Self Healing technology, and our ultra-durable Ceramic technology.

The Ceramic portion of this product has been modified to maintain a high level of flexibility by using shorter chain ceramic co-polymers, this allows the self-healing portion to function, albeit to a lessen extent than that of the full SELF HEAL PLUS. It also incorporates smart nano-particles that increase the perceived hardness. The nano-particles operate as a dry lubricant, deflecting and reducing scratch or mar intensity. If micro marring does occur, the coating will recover by up to 40%, making these marks less significant and almost invisible on lighter coloured paints.

CERAMIC PLUS contains some of the same chemistry found in FEYNLAB™ CERAMIC, and has similar physical properties such as; excellent heat resistance, brilliant gloss, and great water behaviour (hydrophobicity).

New Car Protection Package includes:

  • ​​​Clean wheels with with non-acid wheel cleaner

  • Clean door, boot shuts

  • Full safe wash

  • Full decontamination (including fallout remover and clay-bar treatment)

  • 2-Stage machine polish

  • Apply FEYNLAB™ Ceramic Plus (5 year warranty) 

  • Apply FEYNLAB™ Plastic to exterior plastics

  • Apply FEYNLAB™ Ceramic Wheel to wheel faces (can be removed and backs coated +£100)

  • ​Apply nano glass coating to windscreen, rear, driver & passenger windows​ 

  • IR heat lamp curing

  • Dress Tyres

Interior Coatings From £95

  • ​​Vacuum interior

  • ​Full interior wipedown with APC

  • ​Apply coatings to dashboard and plastics

  • Apply coating to Leather (if applicable)

  • apply coating to all interior fabrics

  • Windows polished

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