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Tesla Model S - Feynlab Ceramic Maintenance & Interior Protection

Tesla Model S 75D in midnight grey was ceramic coated with Feynlab Ceramic & Ceramic lite a year ago and was in for its yearly Ceramic Maintenance Service to keep it at its best. Also as it was with me the customer decided to have an Interior protection carried out.

I firstly pre-spayed the lower half of the car with KKD Citrus Magic including the door shuts and wheel arches. Wheels were pre-sprayed with KKD Brakeaway. This was then all rinsed off and the car was snow foamed with KKD Citrus Magic. While this was left to dwell I sprayed the wheels with KKD Ferum (fall out remover). The wheels were then cleaned with a combination of a wheel wash mitt and an EZ wheel brush. Now the wheels are cleaned I rinsed off the snow foam and the wheels. The car was then snow foamed again this time using Feynlab Wash and washed using the usual 2 bucket method and a KKD Double Mitt. For the sills and wheel arch lips I used a KKD Blue Chubby Wash Mitt. A quick rinse off and then the lower half of the car was sprayed with KKD Tar-Tastic (tar remover) and left for approximately 20 minutes to do it's thing then rinsed off. KKD Iron rain (fall out remover) was next up, sprayed on and left for approximately 10 minutes before being rinsed off. Then finally, a wash with Feynlab Pure Wash and then rinsed. The car was dried with Liquid Elements drying towels.

The Tesla was moved into the workshop. A thorough vacuum throughout and mats removed. The mats were cleaned with KKD A-Kleen (All Purpose Cleaner) as well as the leather seats and carpets. While these were left to dry, the exterior paintwork was treated to Feynlab Detailer, the glass was cleaned with KKD Hydroglass and tyres dressed with KKD Tyresol.

Back to the interior, all the glass was cleaned with KKD Krystal Klear. Now all the fabrics were dry I treated them with Feynlab Textile. All the leather was treated with Feynlab Leather Treatment.

Once Feynlab Textile was fully dry the car was ready for collection.

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