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Ford Edge - Winter Protection Detail

This Ford Edge was left with me for a day to have a winter protection.

Duration: 7 Hours

LSP (Last Surface Protection): KKD Si-Stal

Durability: Upto 1 Year

The car was washed using the usual safe wash methods to avoid swirls being inflicted to the paintwork. Once washed and dried the car was moved inside and trims blown out with hot filtered air to remove any trapped water.

The plastic trims were masked off ready for the single stage machine polish. I used Koch Chemie M2.01 with a Liquid Elements Orange pad to polish the paintwork. When this was completed the car was wiped down with U-pol slow degreaser to remove any oils left from the polishing so the LSP can bond properly to the paint. KKD Si-Stal was applied to all the painted surfaces to leave a high gloss and hydrophobic layer. Plastic trims were treated to KKD Trim-X and wheel faces coated with Feynlab Ceramified spray sealant. All exterior and interior glass was cleaned with KKD Krystal klear. The interior was vacuumed and the dashboard wiped over. Finally the tyres were dressed with KKD Tyresol.

The car was checked over and was now ready for collection.

Thanks for reading :-)

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