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Tesla Model S - Feynlab Ceramic & Top Coat

A New Car Protection was carried out on this Tesla Model S 75D. It had a bad start before coming to me as had been to a cheap and untrained car wash and had lots of swirls inflicted to the new paint work.

Duration: 3 Days

Coating: Feynlab Ceramic & Top Coat

Durability: 3 Years

Firstly the car is washed and decontaminated; Lower parts including wheel arches, door and boot shuts are sprayed with KKD Citrus Magic. Wheels are sprayed with KKD Brake Away, this is then rinsed away. Car is then generously covered with KKD Citrus Magic through a snow foam lance. While this is left to dwell I concentrate on the wheels. Wheels are sprayed with KKD Ferrum and cleaned with a soft wheel wash mitt and EZ brush to get to the backs of the wheels. Full rinse down and ready for the 2 bucket wash, I used Feynlab Wash and a lambswool wash mitt. Another rinse and the lower half is sprayed with KKD Tar-Tastic, this is left to dwell and then again rinsed and an application of KKD Iron Rain, this is agitated with a wash mitt and left for 10 minutes. Car is rinsed and a final wash with Feynlab Pure Wash before the final rinse. The car is now dried with soft microfibre drying towels and put into the workshop. Trims were blown out with hot filtered air, nothing more annoying than water coming out of trims while machine polishing. Bilt Hamber soft clay-bar with Feynlab Prime is now used to remove any remaining contaminants from the paintwork.

Time for the 2-Stage machine polish; 50w LED spot lights are turned on so I can see the condition of the paintwork, I carry out a few test spots to determine the best pad and polish combination to get the results I'm looking for. On this car I used a Liquid Elements orange pad with Koch Chemie F5.01 compound for the 1st stage. I then refined with a Chemical Guys Black Hex-logic pad with Koch Chemie M2.01. The car had a full wipe down with U-pol Slow Degreaser ready for the coatings to be applied.

Temperature and humidity are checked inside the workshop. Paintwork is coated with Feynlab Ceramic, once this is installed it has to be left at least 1 hour but no more than 3 before Feynlab Top Coat can be applied. Having at least an hour to wait its perfect time to coat the plastics (like light lenses etc) with Feynlab Plastic, wheel faces with Feynlab Wheel & Caliper and the glass with Gtechniq G1. Now I can crack on with applying Feynlab Top Coat. Once this is completed it's time to bake the coating with IR (infra red) lamps, each panel is baked for 15 minutes to a temperature of around 60 degrees. The car is left over night, inside the workshop to allow to cure properly.

Before the final check over, I gave the car a vacuum and cleaned the inside windows. The car is now ready for collection.

Thanks for reading :-)

This service can be found here on my website

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