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New Car Protection Bedfordshire​​​​​​​​​​​

Give your car the best start with a 'Calverts New Car Protection Package' (this can also be applied to used cars). After fully preparing the car with full decontamination process and single stage machine polish only then will I apply your ceramic coating. 

Nano Ceramic coatings

Liquid Elements - Eco Shield Pro Application​​ Package From £495

Ceramic coating with durability of around 3 years can be applied onto trim , metal, paint and glass and will give protective abilities. 5.5H hardness and excellent water repellency coupled with a higher resistance to water marks that are associated with other ceramic products on the market. (2xCoats applied)

Liquid Elements - Shield 3K Package form £POA

SHIELD Base 1 is a primer for the SHIELD paint coating system. The special prism crystals achieve a colour intensifying effect whilst providing a higher degree of surface hardness at the same time to 7.5H (2xCoats applied)

SHIELD Base 2 is primer for the SHIELD paint coating system very much like Base 1. However the emphasis with Base 2 is more towards increasing surface hardness of the coating from 7.5H to 9.3H. (2xCoats applied)

SHIELD Final can be applied on all smooth and textured surfaces. SHIELD contains carbon nano-fibres, and once applied over the Base primers increases the surface tension even further so that dirt and water find it more difficult to adhere to the vehicles surface. Surfaces are easier to clean and more resistant to scratches and damage. The gloss of smooth surfaces is significantly increased.  (2xCoats applied)

With Shield 3K you can expect up to 6 years protection.


All New Car Protection Packages are installed at Calverts Car Protection Centre in Leighton Buzzard. 


We also have a drop off point which is a 1 minute walk to Leighton Buzzard main line Train Station. Which provides 33 minute direct link to London Euston.

New Car Protection Package includes:

  • ​​​Clean wheels with with non-acid wheel cleaner & wheel woolies
  • Clean door, boot shuts
  • Snow foam vehicle
  • Wash (2 Bucket method with grit guards) using premium wash mitts
  • Remove tar from bodywork
  • Apply fall-out remover (Iron X)
  • Full clay treatment
  • Snow foam wash
  • Dry with soft micro fibre towels
  • Single stage machine polish (Does not include correction)
  • Full wipe down to remove any oils left from polishing and maximise coating bonding
  • Apply coatings to paintwork
  • Apply coatings to all exterior plastics
  • Apply coatings to wheel faces (can be removed and backs coated at a little extra cost)
  • ​Apply coatings to windscreen, rear, driver & passenger windows 
  • Dress Tyres

Interior Coatings From £85

  • ​​Vacuum interior
  • ​Full interior wipedown with APC
  • ​Apply coatings to dashboard and plastics
  • Apply coating to Leather (if applicable)
  • apply coating to all interior fabrics
  • Windows polished






New Car Protection - Fiesta ST - Liquid Elements Eco Shield ​

New Car Protection - Ford Fiesta - Liquid Elements Eco Shield​