Tesla New Car Protection from £595

Give your Tesla the best start with a 'Calverts New Car Protection Package'. After fully preparing the car with full decontamination process and machine polish only then will I apply your ceramic coating. 

Model 3 - £595

Model S - £645

Model X - £695

Model Y - TBC


New Car Protection Package includes:

  • ​​​Clean wheels with with non-acid wheel cleaner & wheel woolies

  • Clean door, boot shuts

  • Full safe wash

  • Full decontamination (including fallout remover and clay-bar treatment)

  • 2-stage machine polish

  • Apply FEYNLAB™ Ceramic to paintwork (3 year warranty) 

  • Apply FEYNLAB™ Plastic to exterior plastics

  • Apply FEYNLAB™ Ceramic Wheel to wheel faces (can be removed and backs coated +£100)

  • ​Apply nano glass coating to windscreen, rear, driver & passenger windows​ 

  • Dress Tyres

FEYNLAB™ Ceramic Ultra (5 year warranty) +£200

FEYNLAB™ Heal Lite (5 year warranty) +£600 (Self heal coating)

Interior Coatings From £95

  • ​​Vacuum interior

  • ​Full interior wipedown with APC

  • ​Apply coatings to dashboard and plastics

  • Apply coating to Leather (if applicable)

  • apply coating to all interior fabrics

  • Windows polished​