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VW Scirocco R - Refinement & Ceramic Coat

This VW Scirocco was in for a single stage machine polish to remove the holograms in the paintwork and then coat the paintwork with Senza Eguali Prottegere Ceramic Coating.

Duration: 2 Days

Coating: Senza Eguali Prottegere

Durability: Up to 3 years

Firstly the sills and door shuts were pre-sprayed with KKD Citrus Magic, wheels pre-sprayed with KKD Brakeaway. This was then rinsed off and the whole car was snow foamed with KKD Blizzard Extreme. While this was left to dwell the wheels were cleaned with a combination of a EZ wheel brush to get into the backs of the wheels and a wheel wash mitt for the faces. Once this was done all the wheels and bodywork was rinsed. I then snow foamed the bodywork again this time with Feynlab Wash and used the usual 2 bucket method to wash the car.

Now washed the car was rinsed and dried and taken into the workshop, I blew out all the water trapped in the trims and the wheels with warm filtered air.

I then proceeded to find the best pad combination to remove the holograms from the paintwork, I found a KKD Storm red pad and Feynlab F500 Medium polish was working best.

Car machined polished and wiped down with U-pol slow degreaser, I was happy that all the holograms had been removed and was ready for the ceramic coating. One coat of SE Prottegere to the freshly polished paintwork and left over night, the following morning the car was Infra red lamp cured.

A vacuum, all the windows cleaned with KKD Krystal Klear and tyres dressed with KKD Tyresol. I couldn't leave the exhaust tips, so I cleaned them up with some 000 gauge wire wool. One last check over and the car was ready for collection.

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