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Mercedes AMG C63 Gloss Enhancement Detail

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

2015 Mercedes AMG C63 was bought in for a Gloss Enhancement Detail with upgrade to Feynlab Ceramic Lite.

The car was firstly washed washed with Feynlab Pure Wash using the usual safe wash methods (snow foam, 2 bucket method etc).

Once this was completed I started the decontamination process, KKD Tar-tastic was used to remove any tar that was on the car TBH there wasn't much on the bodywork. Next up we used KKD Iron Rain, now I knew there was a lot of fall out on the bodywork. Iron Rain turns purple with contact with metal contamination, I left Iron Rain to dwell for 20 minutes. I decided to give the car a second hit and again this was left for further 20 minutes.

I then snow foamed the car with KKD Citrus Magic. After a good rinse off I did a final wash with Feynlab Wash. The car was dried and brought into the workshop.

The car was now fully clayed, I used Bilt Hamber Clay with Feynlab Prime as lubricant. Happy that the paintwork was clear from contaminants I could start the single stage machine polish.

I used my Flex VRG with a Blue KKD Storm pad and Feynlab F500 polish. Before the final wipe down the car was vacuumed and all the glass was cleaned with KKD Krystal Klear. I wiped down the car with U-pol slow degreaser, the car was now ready for Feynlab Ceramic Lite. Ceramic Lite installed, I left the car overnight and used shortwave Infrared heat lamps to aid curing the following morning. The tyres were dressed with KKD Tyresol.

This service can be found here

Thanks for reading :-)

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