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How to Maintenance Wash

Products I recommend and use:

3x Buckets with Grit Guards

KKD - Wheel mitt

You will also need a Jet wash with a snow foam attachment.

Park the car out of hot sunshine, make sure the wheels are cool before starting your wash. Set up your jet wash. One bucket is for the wheels (always keep your wheel media and this bucket separate as brake dust is extremely damaging if rubbed into the paintwork), bucket two is for the wash and number three is for rinsing your wash mitts. Put Feynlab Pure Wash into bucket one and two and fill all three buckets with water. Pre-spray the wheels with KKD Brakeaway (mix 1:10) and leave to dwell for a couple of minutes but don't let it dry out, then jet wash off. Get your wheel bucket with your wheel mitt and EZ detail brush, clean the wheel faces with the mitt and use the brush through the spokes to get to the barrels/backs of the wheels. If the wheels need more due to brake dust build up use KKD Ferrum, spray this directly onto the brake dust contamination. It will turn purple when in contact with the iron deposites, leave it to do it's thing and then agitate and rinse it off.

Onto the bodywork; If its winter months the car is very probably heavily soiled so pre-spray the lower quarter or so with KKD Citrus Magic (mix 1:20) you can include the wheel arches. Rinse this off with the Jet wash. Now connect your snow foam lance, again if the car is heavily soiled use KKD Blizzard Force (mix 1:10) or for summer use KKD Blizzard (mix 1:10). Completely cover the car with the foam and leave this dwell for around 5-10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it off.

Now you have removed as much dirt as possible it time to go onto the contact wash. Start with the roof, then windows, top of boot and bonnet and gradually work your way around and down the car leaving the lowest parts till last as theses will be dirtiest. Regularly rinse your mitt in the rinse bucket before going to the wash bucket and back to the car (Do not go from the car to the wash bucket always rinse bucket first), we don't want to be pushing the dirt and debris around the car.

Car washed it's time to rinse it off, again start at the top and work your way down the car. Fully rinsed it's time to dry the car with your drying towels, you can add a spritz of Feynlab detailer to each panel to act as a drying aid if you wish. I've found the best way to dry the car is to dry all the vertical panels first then do the horizontal panels last as this where the water is most likely to sit and load up the drying towel prematurely. You may need a second dying towel just to finish off. If you wish you can check if there is any tar on the car that needs dealing with. If you do need to de-tar use KKD Tar-tastic, spray on the tar and leave for 10-20 minutes to dwell then gently wipe away with a KKD Blue General Microfibre and then rinse with the jet wash to remove any residue, yes you will need to re-dry these areas.

You can now finish off your windows with KKD Krystal Klear, spray directly onto the glass and wipe around the window with your KKD Krystal Klear Glass Cloth. For extra boost of hydrophobic on the windscreen go over with KKD Hydroglas. If you want too, you can go over the car with Feynlab Detailer and a KKD Krystal Blue V2 Microfibre. Finally you can dress the tyres with KKD Tyresol using a KKD Tyre Dressing Sponge.

Stand back and admire your work!!!

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