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BMW Z4 Gloss Enhancement with Cabriolet Cleaned & Sealed

2006 BMW Z4 in for Gloss Enhancement Detail with Cabriolet Cleaned & Sealed plus Interior Clean.

Last Surface Protection: KKD Si-Stal

Cabriolet Protection: Fabsil Gold

A few before pictures....

Firstly I started with the roof clean. Out with the KKD Citrus Magic, a good covering through a pump sprayer left to dwell for around 5 minutes before agitating with a brush. Roof was then rinsed and I went over it with Vortex air gun.

With the roof cleaned it's onto the safe wash, the lower half and shuts were pre-sprayed with KKD Blizzard Extreme through a pump sprayer. Wheels were pre-sprayed with KKD Brake Away, after leaving to dwell for a few minutes it was rinsed off. The car was then snow foamed with KKD Blizzard Extreme, while this was left to do its thing the wheels were cleaned with a KKD Wheel Washing Mitt and EZ wheel brush was used for the barrels. All rinsed and the car was snow foamed again this time using Feynlab Wash and was washed using the two bucket method and KKD Double Mitt. A final rinse and the car was dried using LE Ultra Dryer and moved into the workshop.

The interior was next on the list, a full vacuum and mats removed. Leather seats were cleaned with LRC Leather Cleaner and protected with KKD Lush Leather. Door cards, dash etc was cleaned with KKD A-Kleen. I also used KKD A-Kleen for the carpets and mats in the wet vac. These were scrubbed and I also used the Vortex to remove extra dirt from the carpet pile.

Time to Gloss Enhance the paintwork, this is a single stage machine polish. I used my Flex VRG with a Red KKD Storm Pad and Feynlab F500 Polish.

A wipe down with with U-pol Slow Degreaser and paintwork was ready for LSP (last surface protection) which was KKD Si-Stal. The faded black plastics were treated with Solution Finish to bring them back to life.

The following day, after the roof had been left to fully dry, I applied Fabsil Gold via a paintbrush to the fabric roof.

The glass was cleaned inside and out to a smear free finish with KKD Krystal Klear. Tail pipes were cleaned up with '0000' wire wool and Autosol Metal Polish. Finally the wheels were protected with Feynlab Ceramified Sealant and tyres dressed with KKD Tyresol.

The car was left overnight again so the Fabsil Gold could fully dry and be weatherproof.

Thanks for reading :-)

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