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BMW 2 Series - Soft Top Clean, Re-colour & Protect

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Duration: 3 Days

Protection: Fabsil Gold

Durability: 1 Year

This BMW's roof had seen better days. Lots of algae and was faded due to neglect.

First up a good covering with KKD Citrus Magic, this is extremely good for cleaning soft tops as it has bactericidal agents that target mold and algae. Then it was agitated with a medium stiff brush. Next we use a a Vortex cleaning gun from Autosmart, this connects to a compressor and can blast the ingrained dirt safely out of the fibres of the roof. Once cleaned I rinsed the roof off, a few patches needed a little more attention so I went over these again with some Citrus Magic and the Vortex gun. Another rinse and I was satisfied.

I gave the car a wash to remove the dirt that had run off the roof and down the bodywork, the usual safe wash techniques were used. The roof was dabbed dry with a microfibre drying towel and the car put into the workshop and left to dry overnight.

The car was now covered with masking film to protect the bodywork from over spray from the re-colouring dye. I use Renovo soft top reviver in a spray gun to apply, 4 coats were applied after each coat I use a short lint free microfibre towel and wipe over the roof to push the dye in the fibres of the roof. I find this gives a nice even coverage. I then left the dye to fully dry overnight.

Next onto the protection. I use Fabsil Gold for this, not only is it good at repelling water it also has UV protection to help stop fading. This is applied with a paint brush, starting from the middle and working out towards the edge with a nice wet coat. Once coated its left again overnight to fully dry.

Masking film and any masking tape was removed and the vehicle had a final check over and was now ready for customer collection.

Thanks for reading :-)

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