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Aston Martin DB9 - Gloss Enhancement Detail

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Duration: 7 Hours

Main Coating: KKD Si-STAL

Durability: Up to 1 year

This Aston Martin DB9 was left with me for the day to complete a Gloss Enhancement detail.

Firstly the car was washed; The lower half including door and boot shuts were pre-sprayed with KKD citrus magic. While this was dwelling the wheels were pre-sprayed with KKD brake away wheel cleaner. This was then rinsed off and the car was given a good covering with KKD Blizzard snow foam. While this was left to dwell on the car, the wheels were cleaned with a soft wheel wash mitt and a EZ brush used to clean the inside the barrels of the wheels. The car then had a full rinse down followed by a full hand wash with Feynlab pure wash and lambswool wash mitt using the 2 bucket method before being rinsed again.

Now onto the decontamination process; the bodywork was sprayed with KKD Tar-Tastic (tar remover) this was left to dwell for 10 minutes and rinsed away. Next stage was with KKD Iron Rain (iron fallout remover) after being sprayed on it was agitated with a wash mitt and left to dwell for 10 minutes before being rinsed off. Now on with another wash down this time with Feynlab wash and a final rinse down. Car was dried with a soft large micro-fibre drying towel. Car was put into the workshop ready for a clay-bar treatment. I use Bilt Hamber soft clay with Feynlab prime as a lubricant, working a small section at a time the car was clayed and residue of Feynlab prime was wiped away with another soft drying towel.

The paintwork then had a single stage machine polish; I used soft/medium pad with my Flex VRG machine polisher and Koch Chemie M2.02 polish working a small section at a time. Once fully polished I wiped down the car with U-pol panel wipe to remove any residue left from the polish to give a good contact adhesion for the LSP (last surface protection).

Car had a full interior vacuum, dashboard was dusted and both sides of the glass cleaned with KKD Krystal Klear. Exhaust tips were polished with Autosol metal polish. Paintwork and light clusters were treated with KKD SiStal silica coating. SiStal will last up to 1 year after application and has excellent hydrophobic properties, also it doesn't need any curing time and doesn't need any climate control unlike ceramic coatings. Wheel faces were coated with Feynlab Ceramified Spray Sealant and tyres dressed with KKD Tyresol.

Thanks for reading :-)

This service can be found here on my website

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