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Alloygator Wheel Protectors fitted to Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S was brought in for an Alloygator fitting to protect the wheels from kerb damage.

Fitting Duration: upto 1 hour

The Tesla was firstly put into Jack & Tow mode. Securing clips were inserted into the nylon Alloygator to the number 19 to match the size of the wheel. The car was then jacked up and the tyre was deflated, the wheel face was quickly washed ready for the Alloygator installation.

Soapy water was sprayed around the rim and on the Alloygator, I inserted the Alloygator between the wheel and tyre starting at the valve knocking it in with a rubber dead blow hammer so not to damage the wheel, tyre or Alloygator.

Once inserted all the way round the Alloygator is cut to the correct size and glued together.

The tyre was then inflated to around 15 psi and the Alloygator hit all the way round again with the rubber hammer to make sure that it is fully in place. I now inflate to the manufacturer's recommended tyre pressure (45 psi for the Tesla), Alloygator is hit all the way round one last time with the dead blow rubber hammer.

Joining clip is now glued in place and the Alloygator is now fully fitted.

Prices for supply and fitting of Alloygator wheel protectors is here on my website.

Alloygator wheel protectors fit 12" upto 24" wheels and come in 15 different colours.

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