Alloygator wheel protection

Calverts Car Clean is an Accredited 5 Star AlloyGator fitter.



Supply and fitting of Alloygator wheel protectors for all four wheels starts from just £125 at our workshop in Leighton Buzzard. Fitting takes approximately 1 hour.

Supply & Fit of 'Compact' (12"-15") - £125 (rrp £135)

Supply & Fit of 'Inter' (up to 19") - £140 (rrp £150)

Supply & Fit 'Exclusive' (up to 24") - £155 (rrp £165)

A Replacement Alloygator wheel protector is £40

Please note I do not offer fitting only.

The AlloyGator Wheel Protectors are NOT recommended for machine polished or diamond cut alloy wheels.

Although fitting the product will provide superior protection against kerb damage, due to existing imperfections in the lacquered wheel surface our product may increase the risk of moisture retention and accelerate wheel degradation.

Once moisture ingress exists it can potentially spread under the surface of the clear lacquer; you may see examples of this around the centre cap of some machine polished or diamond cut wheels that has been caused by stones flicking up from the road surface.

Providing there is no minute damage to the wheel surface, fitting the AlloyGator Wheel Protectors will not accelerate damage on its own, however AlloyGator Limited accepts no liability if the product when fitted causes such damage.

Taking the above into account, we do still have many customers with machine polished wheels, that choose to use AlloyGators to protect their wheels.