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​​Alloygator; alloy wheel & tyre protection against kerb damage.

These do not just stick on the edge of your wheel with double sided sticky tape, they are inserted between the wheel and tyre giving unrivaled protection.​

Kerb the Gator, NOT the Alloy

Calverts Car Clean is Accredited AlloyGator fitter. We fit either at Calverts Car Protection Centre based in Leighton Buzzard or our mobile van is fully equipped to fit your AlloyGators at a place convenient to you within a 15 mile radius of our workshop (if your outside of this radius we can still come to you at a charge of £1 per aditional mile).

Supply and fitting for 'Original' (13"-21") AlloyGator wheel protectors to all 4 wheels at our workshop is just £115 or our mobile service starts from just £130​​.​

Fitting of the New 'Exclusive' (12"-24" with rounded profile) Alloygator wheel protectors is £130 at our workshop or as a mobile service from £145​.

They come in 15 different colours: Black, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Gun Metal, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Pink & Glow in the dark 'Green'

Protect your wheels from kerb damage and an expensive refurbishment​.

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